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Are you looking to quickly liquidate your internet assets and get a quick payday for your online property? Then you're definitely in the right place. We buy established internet properties that you don't want. Just give us a shout!

Are you looking to sell your website?

We are always looking to buy high quality, established websites. Here’s what we’re looking for in each of our websites and what we’re most certainly NOT looking for:

Established Websites

We are looking to buy established websites, not “turnkey” sites (read: niche knockoffs launched last week). What we want is a decent following for the website (traffic) and some brand recognition, although not necessary.

Significant Traffic

We are looking for websites with significant traffic in their niche. Some niches have more visitors than others, so free stuff websites will obviously have more visitors than a website selling physical products.

What Do We LOVE?

Websites with established revenue from pay per click programs like adsense or affiliate sales.
Blog, Forums, or Content websites, with high traffic.
Websites selling digital or physical products with established sales and a customer base.
Online applications, services or software sites.

What We DON’T Want?

New sites with minuscule traffic
Adult sites
Proxies, arcades

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