Sell Your Website

Are you looking to quickly liquidate your internet assets and get a quick payday for your online property? Then you're definitely in the right place. We buy established internet properties that you don't want. Just give us a shout!


“Don’t you take your pick of the websites for sale before they go to the list?”

Yes, indeed. We typically follow up about 5% of leads each month, which leaves plenty for everyone else.

“So these are just your cast-offs?”

Every buyer is looking for different sites. We’re pretty picky, which means we get plenty of inquiries that simply aren’t suitable for us.

Perhaps they are too niche, are not niche enough, are out of our budget, etc. You get the idea. Every month we pass up dozens of high-quality websites that simply don’t fit our portfolio. But they may be exactly the kind of websites you are looking to buy.

“But come on! What chance do I stand if you have first pick?”

Different strokes for different folks. We have a clear idea of the kind of sites we want to buy. The rest go to this mailing list.

Join the list and find out for yourself one way or the other. If you’re unhappy with the quality, you can unsubscribe at any time via the footer link in each email.

Bottom line: it’s a free service, and you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“How many sites for sale get sent to the list?”

It depends on how many leads we receive. You’ll probably want to set up an email filter to move them to a separate folder.

“Why should I use your mailing list instead of Flippa, Digital Point, etc.?”

We Buy Websites is not meant to replace any of these services, it’s intended to complement them.

“What sort of sites are for sale?”

Everything from e-commerce stores to affiliate sites. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. All submissions are moderated, so there’s no junk.

“How do I know that these listings are legit?”

Think of this as a classifieds service. Since buyers and sellers are not screened, no guarantees are made regarding the trustworthiness or legitimacy of buyers or sellers you are introduced to via the mailing list.

It is your responsibility to verify all information to your own satisfaction.

Bottom line: It’s a free service. You use it entirely at your own risk.